UX Low Hanging Fruit #1: Support micro-keywords with icons

I started using the “Archive” feature from WhatsApp. On web, when you can see this:

I quickly read: “These chats stay archived when new messages are received. To change this experience, go to Settings > Chats…” so I went there and found this:

Ok, so I went through all the options and left confused… whereTF is that setting??

So I read the message again.

Can you guess “my mistake”?…

I didn’t read the last part…

on your phone

Micro-keywords in micro-copy

So, of that text, the most important part is “on your phone”; then “Settings > Chats”… otherwise you lead your user to the wrong place…

We can observe how saying “On your phone” first already improves the thing a bit:

Improved Final Example

We improved the copy; and added an important visual cue for this.

If you would like to go a step further, you could:

  • add a mini QR-code as a quick shortcut to the phone settings
  • add the ability to change that feature from the web’s UI

Final advice: exercise your frustrations with your own UIs; each “trouble” you face can probably be fixed or improved.

That’s why as a UX Designer it’s important to observe one and users behaviors.


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