WordPress, Urgent: Better SEO from the box

I’m mixing up languages on this site but let’s write this in English; hopefully it will have more WordPress reach that way…

(WordPress language distribution nowadays:

) 71% English!

Español, sólo 4.7%… tendremos que escribir más contenido de WordPress en Español.

Si sos políglota podés colaborar con WordPress en https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/.

From all the things I’d like to do in this site, is to document on itself its journey; and while I trip also write about how I can thing things can be improved.

Do you want to see this site backends, as of today? It looks like this:

As you can see, the latest post is Canta en Silencio – Sonata Arctica.

I shared this post on Twitter (X), and it looks like this:

This is WordPress from Scratch

Let’s remember, this is a Fresh install of WordPress. Let’s screenshot some default stuff and how it looks like…

Oh, no reviewing the General Settings I can see a site icon hasn’t been established… I’ll add it now:

This should be part of WordPress onboarding; I as a user wrote a lot of content and I’m already using the site; without even configuring this before…

Also, see how something similar as what happend in UX Low Hanging Fruit #1: Support micro-keywords with icons; the important text in this micro-copy is shown last:

In The Works

So, I designed this 512×512 image, following the instructions… (to be clear with you, reader, I’m trying to make the Open Graph Protocol for my site…)

And, this is how it looks like when it’s uploaded:

So… even if it’s true that there it says “Site Icon”; the UI doesn’t make this clear… WordPress, why don’t show an example, exactly like the one that appears once you upload something, from the start?

That would make things more clear for me, as a user… and for other users I’m sure too.

Anyhow; let’s keep it like that and continue looking for (no Google allowed for now) the activation of the Open Graph Protocol in my WordPress site…

WordPress SEO from out of the box must be improved

So, as I suspected; WordPress doesn’t have good native SEO support at the moment of this writing, July 2024. I finally went to the Post Edit page to see if I could find anything there…

I wonder if the Featured Image would fill in this gap, let’s try that:

It looks like sh… but hey I’m just testing here:

Let’s post again on XTwitter and see if this changed something…

Didn’t work.

We’ll need a Plugin for this. My current list of Plugins:

WordPress; this is Huge.

Please add better SEO support… competition already has it.

And users needed it for so long now…

I’m sure SEO plugins won’t be happy about this… I’ll explore the current SEO WordPress offering on upcoming posts.


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